Peter Tompkins
Hi Raul. Love your sound. Pete

Hey Glen, forgivin and forgoten. Now go get a used made in U.S.A. guitar and start playing at once. Writing songs is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done. If you would like help with learning the guitar or writing songs let me know and I’ll do everything I can to help.I’ve shown your letter to many people and few could finish it with a dry eye. Way to go youve inspired me. Thanks… Raul.


glen bliss
greetings! thanks for the forgiveness, by the way. Great stuff you got! Stranded an A+ 🙂 the past month I’ve been writing songs – lyrics anyway. this is something new for me; music, that is. Not writing though – for I’ve been trying to get into hollywood as a screen writer. I got some 12 songs so far. All country. I’m thinking of getting a guitar. Carbon fiber looks so sexy! What do you think of an acustal one? I know nothing of guitars. Thanks, bye. tell JoJo i said hi


yudi jo
Hi uncle raul i like the website and im happy to see me in the picture


Danielle Strickland
Hi Raul! You sound great! I love “Turn it Around”.. and “Angel” gave me goosebumps. Your website looks great- I hope you and Jo Jo are doing well. I’m going to share your music with some people I’ve met here in Germany… love you guys!


Joel Allen
Raul, Long time. I heard my sister Kathy saw you the other night in Cave Creek. Glad to hear you are doing well. She and I were talking about school, the horses, and all the old friends from the desert. Seems like a different life. We are in AZ every once in a while. Maybe we will come hear you play some time. I am in the computer software business Be well. Joel


Leonard Tullous
Jason sent me your web site. I knew you were working in music but had no idea you could sing also. Say hello to JoJo from us.


Great music guys, don’t forget…, You make a difference and it matters! Check out this website too about White Lion singer Mike Tramp:


Kathy Sego (HERBERT)
Hey Raully, I hope all is well. I have a good idea with Aunt Madges Great grandson. I think he would be a power house for replicating the ( Jonny Cash’s )old time music. He is a natural guitar player @ has the look! He needs help with this ? Love you guys, Kathy


Randy McKey
Hey Raul, i had stopped by the old bike shop yesterday and i had asked for Raul or Jojo and the guy handed me a CD, I was like WOW, so i purchased your CD and dropped it into the stereo and was blown away! Very nice music, i knew you could ride a MTN bike, but sing and make music, that caught me by surprise. Be sure and tell Jojo that i said hello. Randy Mckey.


Dianne Rohrer
Your mom called and left me the website today. You have come a long way from the family room.

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